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Founded by like minded buyers with a particular interest in the health food and organic sectors, experienced in retail and wholesale distribution. Brand Organic was born to manage relationships between producers, distributors and retailers due to experiencing a lack of continuity through the supply chain from producer to consumer.  

Many brands find trouble launching in the UK or entering the UK market from abroad and many successful brands find it difficult to engage with retailers and consumers long term due to the lack of presence or distributor influence.

Brand Organic work with pioneering brands to deliver UK brand representation. We work with specialty products including organic, free from, vegan, paleo, low fodmap, GMO free or those reacting to health trends.

We can assist with brokerage, legislation, distribution, marketing, retail activity, events, private label, import / export, shipping, financing, production and more. Our services are well suited to established brands wishing to enter the UK. 

Here are some of our popular services;

LAUNCH - Intensive launch campaigns with brokerage, distribution and marketing support to kick start your entry into the UK health sector.

REPRESENT - Ongoing brand representation including guaranteed distribution, in-store activity, show attendance and retailer marketing strategy.

RAISE - Through our professional network, we can help UK brands with fundraising and investment.

PROMOTE - Consumer facing marketing activity suited to the sector you are targeting and taking advantage of UK trends.




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