Brand Organic
Brand Organic
Growing Natural Brands

We grow the natural brands we believe in. It’s that simple.

Brand Organic was founded to connect brands with buyers; born to manage relationships between producers, distributors and retailers due to experiencing a lack of continuity through the supply chain from producer to consumer.  

Set up by like-minded buyers experienced in retail and wholesale distribution with a particular interest in the health food and organic sectors, Brand Organic work exclusively with pioneering brands to deliver UK brand representation, many of whom have found it difficult to engage with retailers and consumers in the long term due to lack of presence or distributor influence.

We do all of this because we truly believe the products we represent are game-changers. That they offer the UK market something that is improved or innovative. That they need to be on shelves up and down the country. So we put all our expertise into making that happen.




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W 47th St, New York, NY. USA